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Tripadvisor Winner 2015

Ciliegino© is the product of a very successful and new idea in the Italian food & beverage field The brand was created by two local businessmen in 2011, and became in a few years, one of the most important operators in catering for all those who can’t go back home for lunch or dinner and need to replace the home cooking. Pasta and Pizza are the two core business areas of the brand Ciliegino©, but there are also a coffee bar, a cafeteria, Sandwiches and the new proposal of Sushi. Ciliegino© restaurants are placed where people need to transit during all hours of the day and can be found in shopping malls, and crowded places.

Many people every day, decide to have a meal for any reason: work, study, tourism, entertainment. Therefore Ciliegino© represents a new type of dining through which Italian recipes are prepared with "made in Italy” products . Our culinary tradition is also related to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which has become intangible heritage of UNESCO.

Ciliegino© wants to combine wisely the Italian passion for elegance and genuine respect for the past with a stylish, family atmosphere, with a special attention to the application of the strictest hygienic and sanitary standards. We are aware, in fact, that those who come to have a meal in our restaurants choose a clean, comfortable place. We also know that many others decide to choose poor quality food so damaging their health. Relying only on taste or price is a choice that temporarily satisfies our taste and our wallets, but it is deleterious from a healthy point of view. For this reason we believe that combining the pleasure of good food to health and not having fast meals, but enjoying what we eat, is a fundamental principle of the modus operandi of Ciliegino©. In addition Ciliegino© will offer you the opportunity to make a journey from one side of Italy to the other at our Food Centres, where the specialties offered become small masterpieces of taste.

All our dishes are prepared using the recipes of traditional gastronomic heritage of each region, according to the personal style by our chef and with a touch of class provided by the delightful and unique mix given by the hot Sicilian sun, the fresh basil and red cherry tomatoes, a unique Italian variant of the precious vegetable considered much tastier than traditional tomatoes. And the cherry tomato peculiarity inspired our business idea: Italian recipes prepared from Ciliegino© have a completely different flavor.